Does your child have a loose tooth?


What could be more fun than
a personalized letter from
The Tooth Fairy!



Let us create a special memory for your child and celebrate the magic of The Tooth Fairy!

Childhood memories are very special to all of us...Remember how exciting it was the night The Tooth Fairy visited you? Won't you be excited to see the look on your child's face when they receive their personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy?

Along with or instead of a few dollars under their pillow give them something unique and different, give them something they'll remember and treasure for years to come. 


It begins.....

Good morning [Your Child's Name]
      Last night while you were fast asleep, I quietly entered your room, looked under your pillow and found something. Someone in [your child's hometown] told me you had recently lost a tooth, and they were right!  What a fine tooth it was too. Not many [boys/girls] in [your child's state] have such fine teeth. It will surely be one of the best in my collection.

Three more personalized paragraphs follow and it closes

Your Secret Friend,
     The Tooth Fairy

Each letter is custom made for your child and mailed immediately so you will be sure to be on time with your surprise.  They are high quality laser printed on the Tooth Fairy's special stationary, at the very low price of only $3.95!

Order yours today to be sure you won't miss the moment when
The Tooth Fairy visits!

Just fill in the information below, its easy!


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